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Evergreen Memorial Baptist Church
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Committed to first century Biblical doctrine in the twenty-first century.


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Many people assume that the Baptist Church got its name from John the Baptist. This is not true. The name was given to the church by its opponents because they practiced baptism of believers by immersion, as John the Baptist did when he baptized our Lord Jesus. In addition to preserving the original methodology of baptism, they are also known for an intense commitment to the Bible based doctrine of Jesus Christ and the apostles. The earliest known church referred to as Baptist dates back to about 1600 in England. The following acronym gives a brief explanation of the distinctives that Baptist churches consider fundamental.






of the Church



of the Believer






Soul Liberty



Church Membership






of Church & State

Every individual, believer or unbeliever, has the liberty to choose what he or she believes is right in the religious realm. This liberty does not exempt one from responsibility to the Word of God or from accountability to God Himself.

ROMANS  14:5-12

Church membership is restricted to individuals who give a believable testimony of personal faith in Christ and have publicly identified with Him in believer’s baptism.

ACTS  2:41-47

The local church is an independent body, accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the church. All human authority resides within the local church itself. 

MATTHEW  18:15-17

The Bible is the final authority in all matters of belief and practice because the Bible is inspired by God and bears the absolute authority of God himself. 

II TIMOTHY  3:16-17



Every believer today is a priest of God and may enter into His presence in prayer directly through our Great High Priest, Jesus  Christ. No other mediator is needed.

I  PETER  2:5-9

The church observes two ordinances: baptism of believers by immersion in water, identifying with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection, and the Lord’s Supper, or communion, which commemorates His death for our sins.

ACTS  2:41-47 , I  CORITHIANS  11:23-32

The Bible mandates two offices—pastor and deacon. The terms “pastor”, “elder”, “bishop”, or “overseer” all refer to the same office. The offices of pastor and deacon exist within the local church, not as a hierarchy outside or over the local church.

I  TIMOTHY  3:1-13

God established the church and civil government and gave each its own distinct sphere of operation. Neither should control the other, nor should there be an alliance between the two.

MATTHEW  22:15-22